Corporate Events

Corporate events are an anticipated part of the calendar for you and your colleagues. It is a great way to get to know each other, whether it be chilled drinks and canapés or a thrilling team building event.

Monicas team has provided corporate events to many large gaming companies and law firms over the last ten years, hosting up to 300 guests. Monica and her team ensures that the event reflects the firms personal ethos and narrative.

Depending on clients needs and budgets, Monica has arranged an array of corporate events for her regular clients.

Historically, she has arranged wine tasting, cooking classes, quad biking, canoeing, drinks & lunch at the beach club and christmas functions as well as gala evenings fundraisers.  

The team keep your company informed on all decisions, ensuring that the event suits your needs and company vision. 



Business seminars are an important tool to learn and teach skills to your staff members.

Monica and the team will assist with the structure of the your informative day, including the sourcing of speakers to assist you with your event. 

Historically, the team has organised motivational speakers, fire and health safety within the workplace as well and professionals who provide specialist advice on building relationships, marketing and customer service.

The team have exclusive venues and caterers to ensure your employees are well fed and comfortable throughout their day.

Further, we have preferential rates with printing companies, allowing our clients to provide notepads, flip charts and other stationery with your company logo. 



Business Launch

Over the last couple of years, Monica and the team and have been more involved in the launch of local and international businesses. 

What does a business launch require?

Your company wants to ensure that your launch enables your guests to familiarise themselves with your product/ services, a comfortable and suitable environment for you to network and memorable marketing for your clients. 

A business launch sets the tone of what it is to be expected from your company, Monicas team guarantees a personal informative launch.

We can provide personalised desserts and confectionary to include your companies logo as well as other fantastic catering services which have been very well received by our clients.

At our last business launch, we hired an ice cream cart for our clients, their guests were delighted!

We can advise both with the organisation of the event and the marketing of the product or service you are launching.   


Photo by g-stockstudio/iStock / Getty Images

Party party party.

We all love a good party don't we? 

Monica & team ethos are: we work and you play.

Monica has organised both intimate affairs and large extravagant parties for a variety of celebrations. We have a wealth of knowledge surrounding the assembly of a fabulous party, ensuring a memorable evening for you and your guests.

Monica is teamed up with an incredible supplier in the UK and can provide personalised balloons, banners and confetti. They also have a great baker who provides us with beautiful cakes, desserts and sugary goodness.

Jazz? Classical music? We have some amazing local and international musicians who regularly work with us to get your guests up on their feet, to dance the night away!

We provide you with assistance, support, management and organisation for the special day. 


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