Build your wedding website- the low down

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By Hour Weddings

Hour Weddings have assisted many brides who wish to launch their own website, when they book to marry in Gibraltar. As we already know, getting married in Gibraltar is a simple and easy process. What is far more complicated is getting a wedding website running!

Setting up a wedding website is certainly the new trend in the world of brides-to-be. 

Pick a website domain

It is very easy to get a free domain these days, you want something reliable and user friendly. We recommend wix-   & this new website which we used to build this website-

Pick a template

Do not stress yourself out designing and picking fonts. Do not pick something which is way too extra- less is more. Remember this will be used by both old and young and needs to be as simple as possible. Colour schemes are a popular topic of conversation on wedding forums- The Knot website have some fantastic trending colour schemes for 2018. Websites like 'fivesquid' can also create logos and personalised itineraries for about £5.

Be real and personal

You need to think of two things when choosing content for your wedding website.  1. Try and make the website personal, add cute pictures of you together, your favourite quotes, your favourite music. Allow guests to learn about your journey together as a couple! 2. Ensure your website portrays what guests are to expect on the wedding day. If you are planning a relaxed event make sure your wedding page is relaxed too! It will give your guests the right impression of what they can expect.

Give as much information on travel, visa and local spots

Providing your guests with information on services they may require to travel or stay at your destination is thoughtful and makes life easier for your guests. Suggest places to eat, things to see as well as some of the logistics on getting to the hotel and where the nearest doctors are. By doing this you will also avoid your guests asking you countless times for this information

Include an itinerary

This is especially important when your wedding ceremony runs over multiple days. Hindu weddings for example, have four to five main events, so the itinerary will be complex. An easy timeline (stencils can be found on Etsy, they are fab!) with dates, times and dress codes so your guests can prepare their wardrobe for the events.

Don't overthink this

As brides or grooms you will spend a lot of time stressing about things that you otherwise find unnecessary. Your guests are not expecting a piece by JK Rowling; be precise and to the point with all of your information.