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10 Underrated Songs For Your First Dance!



There’s more to romance than Ed Sheeran! I can’t deny his love songs make my heart explode and every album he releases seems to have a song that perfectly describes what seems to be EVERYONE’S relationship, however there are many other beautifully written songs out there.  Here’s a list of songs you probably haven’t considered for your first dance. 

  • Die a happy man- Thomas Rhett

Country music is a genre that by tradition is very romantic and this particular song does not fall out of that stereotype. As a country music fan myself I could not recommend this song enough!


  • Can’t help falling in love with you- Hayley Reinhart

While originally by Elvis and possibly not a clear contender for Top Wedding songs of 2018, this cover may completely change your minds.


  • Colour Me- Juke Ross

This Indie song is so effortlessly beautiful and would make the perfect song for your first dance as husband and wife.


  • Hate the way you love me- John Paul White

The lyrics throughout this whole song will have everyone in the room bawling!


  • T-shirt- Birdy

Here’s one for the couples that are all about that cheesy love… 


  • Memories of us- Keith Urban (My personal fave)

Surprise surprise another country song…

This song has it all, the lyrics, the melody and a warm fuzzy feeling while listening.


  • Lucky- Jason Mraz & Colby Caillat

A slightly more upbeat song for your first dance but this super cute tune will still manage to give you all the feels! 


  • Never seen anything “quite like you”- The Script

The Script killed it with this song and their description of love. It perfectly explains what its like to be in love with a persons entirety. 


  • Perfect for me- Ron Pope

Ron Pope is known for his hopelessly romantic music, however this is one of his lesser-known songs and would be a great option for those looking to be different.


  • Like I’m gonna lose you- Jasmine Thompson

This is a slowed down, beautifully raw cover to John Legend and Meghan Trainor’s “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” and this version will most definitely make everyone who listens to it fall in love!

Louise. xx

Wedding Planner at Hour Weddings Gibraltar.

Credits: Sophie McCarthy (Illustrations).