The British colony of Gibraltar is a fusion of British life from days gone by, with added Spanish weather, located in the gap between Europe and Africa. There are many things to see and do here that are unique to the Gibraltarians.  If you happen to visit Gibraltar, here are the top ten things which you must do Gibraltar.

Head to the Beach: There are many beaches to chill and relax. The beaches here are as follows:  Eastern Beach, Western Beach, Catalan Bay, Camp Bay, Little Bay and Sandy Bay. Some are sandy while other are rocky beaches. You can enjoy variety of water sports and you might have a close view of some planes as they fly too close to the beach.

Go Underground: After enjoying a hot day on the beach, you can go underground and visit some caves. St. Michael's Cave is a network of limestone caves located within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve at a height of over 300 metres above sea level. The caves are one of the top attractions for tourists to Gibraltar as it displays cavern formation and colorful legendary history of Gibraltar.

View the historical monuments: There are many monuments and statues that are a must see in Gibraltar. Go and visit them to learn more about the history of the place.

Experience the British Touch: British identity and military history can be experienced here. You can enjoy the local fish nā€™ chips and take a trip on a double decker that take tourists from the border to the city center. You could also take a sip of the authentic British cream tea and shop at the retail stores.

Take a cable ride: Learn about Gibraltar inside out by taking a cable car ride. You can get to the top of the rock, watch apes of different kind and enjoy the scenic view of this beautiful place.

Visit the museums: Museums here showcase the rich diversity of Gibraltar's cultural heritage and social history straight from the very first inhabitants. Get a taste of the history of Gibraltar by visiting these museums and you can visit many without breaking your bank.

Botanical Gardens:  Botanical gardens are a pleasant recreational area to breath fresh air and stay protected from the hot sun. La Alameda Gardens spans 6 hectares and is a must visit botanical garden.

Watch Dolphins: From the Marina Bay, you can have panoramic views of the dolphins swimming around the vessel, diving into the water, and riding over the waves. Synchronic movement of dolphins with insightful commentary from organizers are simply breathtaking.

Have face to face encounter with monkeys:  Monkeys are a familiar attraction here and you can get to know the wild apes. Best of all, it is free.

Duty free shopping: Before you head to the terminal for take your return flight, duty free shopping is something to consider. You can look for cigarettes, perfumes and even some souvenirs.