Just Ceremonies

In Gibraltar you can get married by Special Licence within 24 hours at an awesome choice of Venues. Our ceremony-only package includes the services of an English-speaking wedding planner to:

  • Book your registry office slot
  • Advise on documentation and help you dot the ‘I’s and cross the ‘T’s on paperwork
  • Pay on your behalf for 2 certificates, marriage license, venue, notary fees and registered postage
  • Accompany you to the notary and registry office

Included in the price at all venues

  • Two people to act as witnesses (required by law)

Ceremony times

  • Winter Time registry office hours – 9am until 12noon
  • Outside venues – 10am, 12noon, 6pm, 7pm
  • Summer Time registry office hours – 9am until 12:30
  • Outside venues -10am, 12noon, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm or 7pm

Choose from Venues and add-on Services