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What makes getting married in the Mediterranean so special? Is it the climate, or the long evenings, with gorgeous sunsets, or walking on the beach at night with only the light of the Full Moon? Is it the holiday atmosphere you get when you come to any place on the Med? Or the gorgeous venues, many of which are outdoor, and just stunning. Is it the food and the wine that is so much more reasonably priced than back home?

Many of you may end up thinking “its all of the above”, because, let’s face it, a wedding abroad, and in particular, a wedding in the Mediterranean IS kind of special. Since the majority of us choose to get married in the summer months, a Summer Wedding in the Mediterranean is the perfect choice. Whether you choose to have a large wedding or small one, by choosing to get married in a place that is perfect for holidaying, the friends and family who do come will love you forever for doing this, as it gives them a wonderful excuse to have a holiday too!

The increase in popularity for destination weddings means that places like Gibraltar have never been busier… we seem to have it all! The sunshine and the long evenings for late night parties. The amazing selection of venues both in Gibraltar and just across the border in Spain. The famous Gibraltarian hospitality. The gorgeous blue sea of the Mediterranean.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a wedding feast in a traditional Spanish Chiringuito (that’s a beach based restaurant, in case you were wondering!), or a rustic Andalucian Monastery? Or an intimate ceremony in a beautiful sub-tropical garden surrounded by the vivid colours and scents of the Mediterranean? Of course, the hotels in the area are not too shabby either! There’s another benefit of having a wedding in this region – the choice of wonderful hotels, from the modern, to the traditional, from the simple to the ultra deluxe, can make finding the perfect venue so much easier.  In Gibraltar alone, there are three excellent hotels, the O’Callaghan Elliot Hotel, the Caleta Hotel and the Rock Hotel – and all have their unique identity that makes them stand out. In Spain, well…there are so many hotels worth considering!  And you need not be daunted by the wide choice – wedding planners like Hour Weddings make it their business to find the ideal venue for you, whether you choose to have your wedding in Gibraltar or across the border. If you can’t be there to pick the venue, they can send you everything you need to help you make your selection.

Another reason to get married on the lovely Rock of Gibraltar, at the doorstep to the Mediterranean, is the uncomplicated legislation. Did you know that, in Gibraltar, you only need 24 hours notice to arrange your wedding? That is when you present your documents, which are checked in advance by the Hour Weddings team. Of course, not many of us are that impulsive, but it certainly explains why so many people choose Gibraltar over other places as their wedding destination. Its easy, its conducted in English, its affordable, and its literally a breeze! And here’s an idea, why not marry in Gibraltar, and have your wedding reception in Spain? That is also possible and easily facilitated by the Gibraltar wedding planners.

Yes, there’s nothing lovelier than a Mediterranean wedding. And with Hour Weddings perfectly placed to help you make the best decisions for your special day, it’s never been easier than now. Monica Coumbe and her team of wedding co-ordinators have been planning weddings for 6 years now, both in Gibraltar and Spain. They can turn your dream Mediterranean wedding into reality….and give you the perfect sunshine wedding. For your wedding in Gibraltar or Spain there really is no better way to ensure everything goes to plan. And you will really not have to worry about a thing – just enjoy your special day!

Hour Weddings has put together a great selection of ready-made all inclusive wedding packages for 2011, designed to make your wedding planning easier than ever, so even the novice wedding planner can have a great time organising her wedding with them! They can also provide you with a bespoke planning service or even just help you out with the little things you haven’t had time to arrange – your wedding car, or wedding cake, for example. Perhaps all you need is an entertainer for the evening. Or you just need help locating the perfect venue and want to do the rest yourself. No job is too mundane. With their list of contacts and know how, Hour Weddings will sort out last minute problems efficiently, and, above all, with great flair!